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I have attached another Morgan that I would like the boards opinion on

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will this rim ding keep this morgan from grading


Rim ding: No

Toning: Possibly


I can Assure that the Toning is Fine.I bought this off of K6 and he can vouch as well.

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I’m not questioning your belief in its authenticity nor am I passing judgment (I apologize if it came across that way). However, if you plan on submitting, the only thing that counts is a grader’s opinion. Expect colorful morgans to be scrutinized fiercely at ngc and pcgs. My belief is that if graders are unable to reach a definitive conclusion as to authenticity, they will bag, whereas in the past they would be inclined to slab. Many will cite dealer pressure for this change, however I believe this change is driven by one thing—reputation (which explains why people will eagerly put up with second-rate customer service and wait a quarter of a year for grades).


I once thought I had a good eye for detecting AT, but have recently lost confidence in my identification abilities, my remedy is simply to stay away from pricey colorful raw morgans. I recently inherited a mini-hoard of morgans from my grandfather, some displaying awesome colors. I’m certain he purchased these coins in 1961 and that all the colors are natural, however I refuse to submit for fear of being bagged. Perhaps my paranoia is clouding my judgment. crazy.gif


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I think I came off a bit strong in my response.I am sorry as well.


This coin was one that came from a bag of originals that K6 got and when I was over looking at some of them he was submitting he showed me some he was going to be selling raw.

I like the Cresent Tone of that one.


I have attached another that I would like the boards opinion on.


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