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Follow-up on my Buffalo nickel woes of a few weeks ago

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Some of you may remember my post about the Charlotte show a few weeks back. In it, I discussed a 1938-D buffalo nickel that I bought which turned out to have a small corrosion problem which I didn't notice until after I'd left the show. This post isn't to whine more about the coin, which on the whole is still a pretty nice example, albeit a problem coin.


Today, I got a replacement for that coin from the awesome user Cartwheel, across the street. The coin was advertised as a MS64+, which I would tend to agree with. Definitely it's a solid 64, maybe even a 65. There are a few small hits on the obverse that would probably keep it from going 65, but they're not very noticeable. Overall, it's a beautiful coin, and matches the color of my 1913 T1 example. Here are some photos of al three coins. I keep saying I need to upgrade my lens for coin photography, but perhaps my poor photos will communicate these fairly recent acquisitions:



1913 Type 1, MS 64:




1938-D, Corrosion spot on obverse:



1938-D, MS64+ from Cartwheel



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That little spot under the the Chief's feathers? That's not that bad...you need to put your 10X on a longer loupe so you can't reach the dang thing or leave it behind like you said you did.


Those are some purty lookin buffies!

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