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Charlotte ANA Purchase--GSA Blue Softpack

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While walking around the ANA National Money Show on Saturday with my father, I met a dealer who had a blue envelope that said "United States Silver Dollar" in a fancy -script on the cover with a Peace Dollar in a shrink wrap next to the envelope. I was intrigued and asked the dealer about the coin. He removed it from the case and told me that he bought it from a collector with other items. The dealer did not know much about the coin except that it was sold as part of a "GSA Hoard Sale" that was offered after the sale of the well known Carson City Dollars.


Although the internal card says that the coin is circulated, the dealer and I agreed that if it was circulated, that it was very lightly handled. Some wearing on Liberty's cheek and neck along with the nice luster had both of us agreeing that the coin should grade MS62/63.


After returning to my parent's house, I used a popular online search engine to see if there was more information available. According to this web site, "An additional 112,145 coins were discoverd during the sorting process. There were 84,165 circulated and 27,980 uncirculated coins minted between 1859 and 1935. Various mint marks from U.S Mint branches included: Phildelphia Mint, New Orleans Mint, San Francisco Mint, Carson City Mint and Denver Mint. Various design types included: Seated Liberty, Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. GSA HOARD SALE 3 -The Coins Jesse James Never Got- offered these coins exclusively. Today, GSA collectors refer to this category type as GSA NON-CARSON CITY, GSA NON-CC's or GSA BLUE PACKS.


"The 84,165 circulated silver dollars were various types included: Seated Liberty, Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. Mint marks from U.S Mint branches included: P-Phildelphia Mint, O-New Orleans Mint, S-San Francisco Mint, CC-Carson City Mint and D-Denver Mint. The dates ranged from 1859 thru 1935.


"This GSA Blue Pack circulated silver dollar category had unique GSA packing. The silver dollars were incased inside soft plastic Mylar display packet with a GSA token. The packet was inserted inside a unique GSA Blue Envelope with two GSA historic cards."




This dealer sells these packs online for $200 and up. I bought this for $55. Not a bad find!


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Although supposedly the softpacks were all supposed to be circulated coins, and fair number of MS non-CC dollars did get packaged in them (Like the CC coins the people separating them considered toned coins to be circulated) ALso for some reason a great many of the Unc 1878-CC dollars were issued in these softpacks rather than the hardpacks.


The text from the website mentions that liberty seated coins were also released in these, and that is true. There was a single Seated Liberty dollar included in the GSA hoard sales and it went out in one of these softpacks for $3. If I remember correctly it is an 1864 and is currently in the collection of the PCGS forum member who goes by the name GSAGuy.

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