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TGIF! let's see some purty Peace Dollars!

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Nice looking set MercP!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif


Fun coins TJ! thumbsup2.gif


This first one is a PCGS MS64 (rattler).




I'd be very concerned about any sort of toning on Peace dollars. While I don't claim to be an expert on Peace dollar toning, the fact of the matter is that most Peace dollars when they tone up tend to be a goldenish tint. While that bullseye pattern may be NT TJ I'd be somewhat concerned about it. BTW, I learned about Peace dollar toning the hard way too. Here's one I bought when I started looking at toned Peace dollars and thought the reverse was NT, so the obverse was likely to be NT. Wrong. In hand the colors are not nearly as vibrant as the image makes them look. This image unfortunately makes the coin look a no brainer AT coin. In hand it is not nearly as obvious... but as I learned over time, it is highly likely the coin is indeed AT. C'est la vie. Oh, and the coin is an NGC MS64.




The third coin is also an NGC MS64. It's a b#tch to get Peace dollars with no questions asked natural toning. This one is a 99+% sure NT coin. The colors in hand on the obverse are a soft but noticeable translucence. The reverse is a soft golden toning. What appears to be gunk underneath the hair is actually a gouge. I realize it looks pretty bad in the image, image lighting I guess, but in hand it doesn't look nearly as bad... if you didn't know any better, in hand it almost looks like a strand of hair extending a bit farther out. Just under the Y in Liberty you can see evidence of textile stippling. This textile stippling is much more noticeable in hand. Unlike textile stippling in Morgans, which can be quite colorful, the textile stippling in Peace dollars is often just a dark gray with a much finer weave, which this one is. This image was done by Bruce Lee.




EDITED TO ADD: While I was writing this scree it looks like Bob and TJ posted. Nice coins Bob!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif Nice '21 TJ!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif

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Jack, yours is unquestionably the nicest Peace dollar I've ever seen an image of. hail.gif I sure hope to see it this summer.


BTW, TJ, all I'm saying is that I'd like to see your coin in hand before making any determination on it's toning. It may very well be NT. I like how all your coins look. 893applaud-thumb.gif


Nice ones Stanley!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif

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Peace Dollar toning is an issue. The acid rinse used on the planchets causes the Peace dollar to tone in a different manner than its Morgan sisters. It is difficult to find beautifully toned Peace Dollars that are unquestionably NT although they do exist.


Skyman, the 23 Morgan I posted above grades MS65 from NCG. The colors are more subtle than pictured but very nice nonetheless. They are more pastel than vibrant.


I have a couple of other Peace dollars that I do not have imaged. One spent 40 years in a Kraft envelope and has beautiful gold toning on both sides accented by some very nice colors. It is raw and I have no reason to doubt that it is NT. I grade it at 64.


I acquired a 1934 S that has VF35 details but was harshly cleaned around the mint mark to see if it really was original (it is). The person then tried to mask the cleaning with an unusual toning that varies from navy-royal blue and magenta. I bought it more as a conversation piece and purchased it deeply discounted for the AT and cleaning. Too bad some folks can't leave well enough alone. 893naughty-thumb.gif

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I love Peace Dollars


The first one was in an NCS AT Slab when I saw it last, but still pretty. The second one is in an NGC MS-65 holder




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Both great examples Isica! Do you know the reason the '22 was in an NCS holder?


Peace Dollars are great coins. They look good in MS but I am also finding them more and more attractive in circulated condition with some nice toning from being stored in an album or envelope. About the only ones I don't like are the overly dipped ones that have lost all luster and life.

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Here are a couple that I think I have posted before at some time.


The 1922-D is in an ANACS MS64 holder. The 1925 is raw and came out of a collection in a Wayte Raymond album. In hand it's not quite as dark as my pictures show.





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