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Ebay Display Vs Cert Lookup Bug

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I have two NGC GSA Dollars that are prooflike but the NGC Blue ribbon/label is not marked as such.


When I do the NGC Certification lookup, it matches the label.


BUT, when I list the coins on Ebay and link them to the NGC Coin Lookup Feature, they display with the Prooflike designation in the description, and they also have the "Designation: Prooflike" in the columnar data.


But the population display shows the non-prooflike designation.


This tells me that there are two databases. One that Ebay is linked to and one that displays the certification lookup.


I believe my situation is a bug, caused by the following: The grader enters his data into the database with the designation of prooflike. The QC person enters the data for the label printing machine and he forgets to enter the prooflike designation.


Voila. One database says one thing, the other shows something different.


I told this to customer service, but I want to talk to someone with authority.


Has anybody else experienced this?


Regards, Charles

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  • Administrator

I've passed this issue on to be investigated.


Please PM me the cert number in question.




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Hello winner,

Nothing personal, but you have a little bit to learn about the fine art of negotiation.

You found someone to help you here. It's not up to you to make up new rules.



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Sorry, nothing personal. I will admit I am not a negotiator. I have been burned before by NGC. Recently. They lost my coin, and traded it with another and said I marked the form wrong. I dropped the coin off at the LB Show where I hand delivered two GSA Dollars and the receiver checked them off. When the coins got back to NGC Headquarters, mine magically turned into a different date and mint mark from what was marked on the form. I got a call from Receiving telling me I made a mistake and that I marked the form wrong. I politely told them I did not. They told me that they can't possibly make a mistake, that the coins are "boxed" and that there was no way they could have been switched. I told them the missing coin is not a rare date, but rare in a GSA holder and to be on the lookout for it. I was (almost) politely brushed off. I monitored the pop reports to make sure it didn't come through. Amazingly about three days later I got a call saying they found my coin and it got switched with someone else's order. But they say it can't happen. Well, I won't believe that anymore.

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That sounds like an ugly experience, and I hope you get everything straightened out.

My point was just that you would catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.

That is, of course, if you want to catch flies...grin.gif

I'm sure you understand.



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