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Two Sealed 20TH Anniversary Silver Dollar Sets Possibilities?

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I recently won on eBay Two Sealed 20TH Anniversary Silver Dollar Sets which were between $ 420 and $ 480.


I have three choices to make which are the following.

1. Lock Away The Two Sealed Sets For The Future Being 5, 10 or 20 Years.

2. Submit the Two Sealed Sets to "PCGS" for the Coins Grading.

3. Submit the Two Sealed Sets to "NGC" for the Coins Grading.


I know that "PCGS" is more much conservative than "NGC", and they generally grade Coins at a higher standard level.


The same rated "PCGS" Graded Coins soemtimes will sell for up to two times what the same rated "NGC" Graded Coins sell for.


Is it better to join either "PCGS" and "NGC", or both and Pay the Annual Yearly Membership Fees?


I know that this is the "NGC"Message Forums so I am sure that the opinions will be biased towards "NGC".


I have already joined "NGC" but as a free member.


I have noticed that I have not seen any of the "PCGS" 20TH Anniversary Silver Dollar Sets Rated At 70/70/70 and have only seen the 70/70/69 Sets.


The "PCGS" 70/70/69 Rated 20TH Anniversary Silver Dollar Sets have been selling for around $ 1,250.00 on eBay.


I have noticed that the "NGC" 20TH Anniverssary Silver Dollar Sets Rated At 70/70/70 have been selling for around the $ 1,150.00 on eBay.


Also, is it better to submit the Two Sealed Sets directly to "PCGS" or to "NGC" or to one of their local authorized dealers?


If I do send out the Two Sealed Sets to be Graded, I will only have one shot at this since "PCGS" and "NGC" will not Grade Coins where the Sealed Set has been opened.


Which way is better?


Lock The Two Sealed Sets Away, Send Them To "PCGS", or Send Them to "NGC"?


Thank You




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I would slab'em if you want to re-sell. Keep'em if you're not looking to make money off them right now. I don't see the reverse proof ever coming back confused-smiley-013.gif, so I don't think that these sets will lose thier value anytime soon.

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First, welcome Jonathan to our little corner of the numismatic world. thumbsup2.gif


Second, on grading services... it is my opinion that PCGS is purposely being overly conservative on moderns in order to foster an image. While grading is an opinion, we want the opinion made by professionals who knowledge and skill is fair and consistent. I have seen too many examples of PCGS moderns not being fair and somewhat less than consistent.


This is not to say NGC gets it right all of the time. I am sure there are many examples of over and under graded NGC slabbed coins. Thus I believe that NGC is more fair and a little more consistent. Remember, this is my opinion and not based on any fact.


Disclaimer: I am an ANA member and use my direct submission privileges with NGC regularly. I have had no problems with NGC and do not expect any in the future.


I have also submitted coins to ANACS and ICG. I love the ANACS holder even though it does have problems, and I found that ICG is great for authenticating and attributing errors, medals, and tokens. I am going to try PCI for some errors since JT Stanton, a noted error expert, is their CEO and attributes errors, including those listed in the Cherrypicker's Guide.


Finally, bsshog40 is correct, but I want to add something: if you are going to turn these over soon, then maybe a 20th anniversary holder would work. I would consider something like the NGC multi-holder for the coins. If you are going to hold them, then consider grading one set and keeping the other in the original Mint packaging. There are people who prefer to buy sets in the original Mint packaging that would make it worth holding.


As for which grading service to use... you know the differences between the two, your decision is a matter of preference. However, if PCGS ever stops undergrading moderns, you will either have to get the coins regraded or hope that buyers understand that your PCGS MS69 coin would be an MS70 under any new standards.

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If I were in your shoes, I'd choose option #1. I'd also wager given a time horizion of 5 or more years that they will be worth more in the original packaging than in plastic tombs (which for ultra-moderns is a complete waste of time, IMHO -- unless you're trying to make a short-term profit or participate in the registry)....Mike

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