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Post mint damage or real error?

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Cruddy pics...


Could, and I really don't think so, I'm leaning toward post mint damage... but it COULD be a funky planchet... looks like some bubbling in a few spots... again, the pics suck ducks...


...and good god, he even encased what looks like a giant cat hair in the 2x2 with the coin. Ewwwwww!

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I can't look at the error coin category on eBay right now... it is making laugh so hard I might pee myself...


Anyone here that is depressed or thinks they are less than intelligent when it comes to coins should go there for a good laugh at the expense of people that are not nearly as aware of what they are spending their money on as they should be -- some of what is going on in there is INSANE.


...and some of the descriptions are just sooooooo whacked. Calling the new Wash Dollars with "upside down" lettering "Type II -- VERY RARE!!! GET THEM BEFORE THE MINT FIXES THE PROBLEM!!!!"




Ooops... almost lost bladder control again....

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