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Do I dare ask this question about Merc Dimes here ?

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Here goes anyway.


1940's Merc Dimes in MS67 or MS67FB who grades these better in your opinion. PCGS or NGC ? The other services just do not count in this grade. Remember that a year or so ago I was pretty critical about any Merc graded MS67. Untill about six months ago I owned none in this grade. Now I have a mixture of both NGC and PCGS slabbed coins that are only in the forties. Opps forgot the 37S that was bought a couple of weeks ago.


Later on I will tell you what I think about this grade that is given out by these two services. If anyone replys that is.



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893Rant-Smilie-thumb.gif Boo! Mercs suck! 893Rant-Smilie-thumb.gif




Who grades them better? Well, there is little doubt that this is a series where in MS67 PCGS is more strict than NGC. However, I honestly would rank Merc dimes as the most inconsistently graded coins at PCGS right behind #1 Franklins & #2 Ikes. For Ikes and Franklins I think PCGS is awful with the line between MS64 and MS65. For Mercs, I think MS64-MS68 is just a guessing game for them. I've seen so many of these that were all over the place that I would never buy one sight-unseen.


To be quite honest, I haven’t really paid enough attention to Mercs in NGC slabs to know if they are any more consistent.

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PCGS has always had a reputation of being stricter on dimes, both Roosevelt and Mercurys, but I haven't seen enough side by side to compare. I recently crossed a nice PCGS 67 Roosie to NGC to get the star designation, but didn't get an upgrade on the coin either. laugh.gif


I'll be interested to see what your opinion is however, since you look at a lot of these.

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I'd say the common perception is that pcgs is a 1/2 point tighter at this level with Merc's. For coins submitted "lately" (the last year or so), I'd have to say they are pretty close. Before that, NGC was looser.

I agree with Greg concerning the inconsistency comments with the Merc's, and would also like to add that NGC is tougher on grading PROOF Merc's, than PCGS. For whatever reason, or maybe I have the wrong take there. It seems that way though.

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I've seen FB PCGS dimes that I don't believe would go FB at NGC and I've seen 67 dimes graded by NGC that I don't believe would cross, too many hits. It also seems that NGC grades higher for attractive toning and color.


I sold off all my proof mercs a couple of years ago and generally speaking the NGC graded coins were nicer for the grade then the PCGS coins I owned, however I had a killer PCGS 1938.

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These are simply my anecdotal observations and are meant to be applied to the entire series, except where noted, so please take them as such.


1)NGC graded many Mercs fairly high, MS66 and MS67, several years ago when they seemed to be in a more technical grading mode and quite a few of these coins would likely not grade as highly today at either service. They would be hurt because of lack of eye appeal, not marks, luster or strike.


2)PCGS is quite a bit looser with the FB designation and has been looser with this designation for as long as I can recall.


3)For grades from MS65 and above I believe the Mercury series is graded much less consistently and more loosely than the Roosevelt series for both companies.


4)Coins submitted within the past three years probably have an equal chance of getting any single grade from either service as I believe the standards for this series, such as they are, are applied within the same range between the services.


5)NGC had a philisophical shift in grading when they moved away from a near pure technical grading standard to a standard relying more heavily on eye appeal; at the same time, the PCGS standard, which always relied more heavily on eye appeal, has undergone more than one shift in grading strictness without apparent reason. Hence, NGC is more consistent than PCGS for this, and many other, series.


6)Coins from the 1940s are graded more loosely and slightly less consistently in the high grades than the rest of the series.


Now a question for you, why the possible fatalistic attitude in your post? I could obviously be wrong, however, it seems more than one of your posts have read this way.

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Hence, NGC is more consistent than PCGS for this, and many other, series.


Something I've said for years....at least back to 1992 when I got into all this mess... laugh.gif



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Hi Ken!

In terms of Buying Mercs (not submitting them) I think you also have to look at legacy grading of the Big Two


When looking through my collection, I seem to prefer them in this order:

1) 2nd & 3rd. gen. NGC holder (I have no black slabs, aka 1st gen)

2) PCGS any holder

3) late NGC holders


As far as MS67 coin are concerned, I think the buying public agrees with you, as MS67 white coins bring 1/4 sheet while MS66 brings close to sheet.


Also, huge premiums for Full Bands is silly on everything but a handfull of dates. You have to look at the whole package. I've seen FB's that bring a premium which look ratty in every other respect. Ooops, that was slightly off topic.



Lets see, topic.... um, I also like ANACS for Mercs, until it's time to sell.

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Sorry Greg, but I love these little silver beauties. I've handled hundreds of these, albeit mostly in MS66, but numerous in 67's as well, and not to repeat what others have already said, but this is probably one of the series of coins that "sight-unseen" is REALLY important. Inconsistant is putting it mildly. Purchase an MS64 Morgan, for example, and you pretty much know what to expect. 67 Mercs are a different animal. I've seen, in both of the big 2 holders, 67 coins that didn't have the eye appeal of a lawn-mowered 60. That said, perosnally I feel that the 40's dated Mercs are obviously not given the same critique that some of the earlier dates are given in the grading room. I own an NGC 68 that may be one of the most beautiful Mercs to ever exist, however there is a small, obvious fingermark on the obverse. The toning is MONSTER! In reality its probably a 66 with a huge boost for the color. To get to the point of your question, I feel that PCGS puts more emphasis on luster and NGC on eye appeal. Witnin this series....you REALLY have to see the coin to make an intellegent decision.

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