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EBay Spoof for Identity Theft

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This comes from the Yahoo group UCFDL. CHRIS




Message: 1

Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 19:01:49 -0000

From: "kscottmccormick"

Subject: EBay Spoof for Identity Theft


Please excuse me if I'm going over old ground here, but I couldn't

locate this info in a brief search of the archive, and I'd like to

make sure all the fine folks here have been warned. Last night I

received a e-mail that at first glance appeared to have come from

eBay, and which said my account information had to be updated, and to

do so, I should click on the link provided. This took me to a

convincing-looking eBay sign-in page. Remembering that eBay does not

ask for such info as passwords in e-mails, I backtracked and took

another look at the header. I notified eBay that somebody was posing

as them in my inbox.


EBay says con men have been spoofing people like this in an effort to

gain information, apparently for the purpose of identity theft. A

word to the wise is sufficient.


Ken McCormick



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I've seen a number of these in the last few months, and they've become far more convincing. The last one I received the only thing I saw that raised suspicion was that the copyright date at the bottom was 2002, so I thought that odd. So the policy I have adopted with these is that if they want you to update any info, first forward the e-mail message to "spoof@ebay.com" which is the eBay department handling these fraudulent e-mails. They usually respond within hours as to whether this was actually from eBay and usually they are not.

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