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At the risk of sounding like a snob, please post pics of your 3 most valuable ..

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Please post pics of your 3 most valuable coins worth more then 1 k. and tell us about them. Or simply tell us about them if you can't post pics.


I'm not rich, I'm not a snob, but I like to see coin pics or hear details about other collectors valuable coins. And this is not a knock on coins of any value. I just like the pricey stuff even if I can't afford it.


Sorry I can't post pics, but one of my favorites was posted a few days ago by Russ on the other board and by Mark over here, my 1899 barber quarter graded 65 by pcgs. My favorite is my 1892 S barber half in 66, someday I wll get a pic of that coin. Another is my proof 67 1914 buffalo nickle that I bought almost 3 years ago before proof buffalo prices went crazy.

Lets hear and see yours.



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I will not post my prices to buy or present values but my (3) most valuable coins are:


1). 1863, PF62-PCGS, Seated, No Motto, Dollar. Purchased about 1 year ago for my USA Type Registry Set.


2). 1910-S, MS64-PCGS, Saint Gaudens, $20 Gold. Purchased about (3) years ago for 20th Century Gold Type Set. Now in Saint's Registry Set.


3). 1925-S, AU58-NGC, Saint Gaudens, $20 Gold. Purchased about (7) months ago for Saint Gaudens Registry Set.


These are some of the most expensive coins that I have. I do not buy that many coins >$1.5K. Most of my higher grade classics are $500-$1000 and are graded accordingly.


I will post the '10-S Saint (see scans) because the others have been shown here before.


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I can't claim to own a single >$1000 coin yet... however I have several that are closing in and will probably push themselves over that mark. Also, I'm heading to the big ANA Baltimore show so might end up with something over the $1000 mark there (who knows).


So far, the contenders on my end are:


1. A nice VF-20 1909 S VDB Wheat cent

2. 1886 Proof V Nickel (Raw coin... ought to get it sent in though... I'd post a pic, but for some reason, neither scanning and digital photography have done the coin justice IMO... it's a nice problem free proof)

3. Tie: 1924 and 1911 D $20 Saints in MS-63 (posted in a former thread (although I think the '24 is better than the 63 grade it has right now)).

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I have a few half dime worth over $1,000...I wanted to link to my registry to show a pic, but the site is down right now.


By the way, barberlover, is there any chance you going to sell that 1899 quarter? wink.gif

Oh, no!! I couldn't help asking you because It's sooooo nice....but I know the answer wink.gif

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this will my first post so please forgive


collect morgan dollars and have very few under <1000. dollar coins my three personal favorites would be


1884cc ms67 three time try at 68

1886 o ms64 oh so close to 65

1901 ms62 deserves 63


am in process of taking pictures of collection to add to registry and hope to complete soon.

hope to see and meet some of you in baltimore

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I really don't have many coins that are so valuable, probably you could count my >$1K coins on one hand. But here are a few that meet the criteria (or are darn close):








One thing I'd like to emphasize is that the cost or current value of a coin really has little to do with whether I like them. In fact, my favorite coins usually cost way under $1,000 like these:










And probably my favorite Saint (just based on looks):




Of the coins above, the 1852 double eagle came closest to the $1,000 but the 1925 Peace dollar I bought a few years back for maybe $75.

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I don't have access to my pictures, but from memory, here's my list:


1. 1792 half disme, NCG VF-30

2. 1907 High Relief $20 gold, PCGS MS-63

3. Lots of choices: 1793 Chain Cent NGC VF-30, 1793 Wreath cent NGC AU-50, 1796 Quarter, PCGS VF-25. Lots of other early U.S. coins, which are my favorites, that may or may not cat for big bucks. They are all my favorites.

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