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I am new to this forum. I had the misfortune to have my coins stored at

the World Trade Center of the Chase Manhattan Bank. The bank wants to make a

settlement for a ridiculous low amount of money. The safe deposit box was

the vault crushed and subjected to 1500 degrees for 7 -10 days The coins are

in very poor shape. The large Morgan's are concave on one side and convex on

the other. The wheat cents are covered with a black grime. I would also like

to talk to coin collectors who made a settlement Chase to see if they were

low balled




On another note I am going to send a couple of coins to ANACS with

documentation to see if they grade them on a net net basis.


If anyone can help me in the NYC area to post pictures of the coins.




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I was under the impression that most (all?) bank boxes are NOT insured at all and if they give you anything you are lucky.


If the coins are that badly damaged then there is no way that ANACS will be able to tell the original grade.


Best to get a coin dealer to examine them (possibly the selling dealer) to give a letter as to condition and value before they were destroyed.


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Sorry for your loss. My Bank will not insure Safe Deposit Box contents at all. As Greg stated, you are fortunate if you get anything from them at all. The silver, you can sell as bullion at near spot. The copper should not have melted at 1500 degrees could be sold as net graded (damaged) cents, I guess. ANACS might be able to help you there. Although I am not sure what you could recover for them.

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Banks do not typically insure any safe deposit contents, it is up to the individual to obtain insurance for items stored within safe deposit boxes. I would bet that if you put the coins up on ebay that someone would pay you a stupidly high bid just to get them as a piece of "history". 893whatthe.gif

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