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Still Curious: What will be "hot" in Long Beach this week?

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For the first time in awhile I will not be at the Expo after having moved out of California and having put much of my little collection up for auction. I still visit the boards and look at coins. A collector is a collector...what can you do? I'm just not buying these days. I have a lot to learn before I go back to spending significant funds on numismatic items. Two years of impulsive spending is enough.


With all that's going on, I wonder what you all will be looking for. Is gold hot with the dollar stinky? What about type coins? Toned coins? Scarce/rare dates?


Is the market indeed "hot" or "hype?" What DEFINES a hot market anyway?


I look forward to your responses and have fun in the LBC,


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Color coins will be hot, IMHO. High, GEM grade with attention grabbing rainbow color.


Also, PCGS FA02 Albany's will be hot.


Ok, so it's a POP ONE coin and a Dealer I know just made it and is holding it for me... I think it's HOT.


When's the last time you saw a Beaver in FA02?!

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Gold will be hot. We're starting to hear the chatter that gold will hit $400, $500, $1 BILLION!!!! All the clueless gurus are jumping onto the bandwagon.

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All those gurus are wrong. Gold prices will soon be dropping, after all they are finding gold by the truck full over in Iraq now! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif





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What will be hot will be whatever PCGS has graded a bunch of in the last few weeks. An article will appear saying that Roosevelt Dimes is hot if they got a couple thousand coins in the last week or two. If someody is bulk grading generic Morgans, generic Morgans will be hot.


Can't speak for the other auctions, but the Heritage auction is going to do well. Even the generic stuff is high quality, and I've been outbid already on two generic Type coins. A non-FH SLQ in 65 and a No Motto $5 Liberty in 58. And I had solid bids on both.

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I got to agree on the dime thing. The registry people will be lining up to spend big bucks on the new designation.



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Mark- Did I come on the PCGS MS68 Lexington thread and ask how much you sold the coin to Bruce for? Why are you coming on here and asking questions you have no right to the answer to about the Albany? You obviously passed on the coin at the Central States show when it was raw and now I own it in the WONDER GRADE of FA 02 and am entitled to the windfall for receiving the incredible downgrade. grin.gif

By the way, if you want to compare notes. Give me a call and we can trade information about prices on the two coins. wink.gif


David Schweitz

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Is a FA02 Albany really up for competitive bidding? If both Pat and I are in the house, it could be a four figure coin! Is an image available.


Four figures?!? shocked.gif893censored-thumb.gif

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what coins are hot?? coins that are liquid are the ones that are hot right now!!!!!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif


coins wirh extraordinary qualities


some examples are the finest known fully original deep cameo pf67/68 lib nick 1901 not only a 68 in a 67 holder but totally undipped original i mean deep cameo real deep cameo lib nicks that are never dipped and fully original besides being deep cameo are super rare and after 1900 and original never dipped and deep cameo with monster eye appeal and superb gem 67 to 68 are the highest degree and magnitude of rarity!!!!!!!!!!


and really MS gem colored or fullr white thick crusty skinned barber coinage


any really nice 65 66 67 68 colored i mean monster or close to it early commems are hot sizzling


and all the above and below coins are not flashes in the pan either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



saints in real ms54 common date ngc pcgs with no roll friction well i guess if you can find thenm you will be extremely lucky


1901 barber quarters ms 65 monstrer toned

seated proof ms 67 dimes monster toned ultra cameo trade dollars stellar ultra cameos seatred dimes three cent nicks with the underrated second rarest date 1871 the ultimate

proof monster colored indian cents ms 66 1863 superb gem ms cents


dmpl bette date o mints in gem dmpl 1894 s choice ms pl


any circ key datres solid for the grade and original


41 s walkers ms 66 monstewr toned


proof buffs 36 37 superb gem proof monsyter toned the better

original since the time of issue gem proof 36 to 42 coinage with the 37 ser the rarest to get original

any original gem commem early commem sets with the ultimate king the cinci set!!!!!!!


as per the above pcgs/ngcas longas the coin is all there

any gem sesqui that is all there and i mean all there as 60% in holders are not all there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


any gem superb gem ms lib nicks with the right look that is most important


and half dimes with monster color and or original thick white skins totally original


the 1873 s comes to mind in suoperb gem as it is the last date and an s mint

any monster toned proof 65 66 67 lib nicks with cameos that always helps

any proof ice blue superb gem proof three cent nickel with ice blue totally original surfaces or monster pastel toned


deep cameo rpoof theee cent nicks real deep cameos 65 66 67 with the 1871 date being the ultimate


any proof 65 66 67 1860's monster toned seared coins 1860 to 69 dimes quarters halves


with lets say a date like 1867 because the minstate coins for example are virtually unkonwn in gem ms as an exalpe then a plus plus


reallyneat proof cameo near miss deep cameo quaters 1868 to 1891 with the 1868 that rarest of the bunch cameoor not then a plus plus


i guess any coin that you look at within your own speciality that walks and talks and has extraordinary qualities and excpetional eye appeal


chains in p[oor one but that are totally original abet wven if dark but with no rim edge bumps


any nice circ coin 1800 up to 1920 that is original and looks good to the eye


date or type wise!!

sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 893applaud-thumb.gif


i guess the klist goes on and on ...................

sincerely michael



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