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How much time do you spend on coins per week, as a hobby?

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If coins are your hobby, how many total hours in a week, on the average, do you spend on the following:


looking for new coins

admiring your coins

buying coins

selling coins

reading about coins

posting messages about coins

discussing coins

cataloging your collection(s)


Don't include the time day dreaming (a psychologist might call it obsessing) about coins when you're trying to do something else.


How many have partners that have said "you care more about coins than you do about me", or some variation thereof?





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Since I asked the question, I'll post the first reply.


I spend too much time each week on coin related activities.

I would estimate I average 20 hours per week - sometimes more, sometimes less. My wife calls it an addiction. I call it a passion. (Sometimes the line between the two is blurred). She thinks I lose myself in coins (mostly eBay - it's so convenient) to avoid intimacy (she's a psychotherapist).


I've gone a whole day without so much as looking at a coin (at least I think I have).


I can quit anytime.

It might be tough the first few months, but with a little help, I know I can do it. After all, I quit smoking - many times.


My name's Michael, and I'm a coinaholic.....................

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I was going to place a post entitled 'Is coin collecting an addiction', but then, decided not to place it. This AM, as I went to the computer - in line with my 'addiction- I saw your post. I must spend at least 20 h a week myself, on some aspect of coin collecting. And I do have a compulsion to buy coins.


In fact, I'm wondering if I've let it get out of hand. Maybe I need to curtail it. Good coins will always be out there to buy...I tell myself...Why do I have to get that 1940 whatever ... now?


But wait a minute, just look at that toning, maybe if I offer 2,000 for it rather than 3, I'll get it at a good price...


And then there's that DCAM piece, it's a PERFECT coin...maybe I should get the key dates to that set...maybe I SHOULD follow my inner compulsion...trust my instinct that this is a good coin and has REAL value...


Oh my gosh...I'm EXHausted. Maybe I am addicted? Maybe I should just rest and relax and be content with my collection....as it is.....for awhile....


About the avoiding intimacy part...has your wife shown sufficient interest in your coins???? Are you making up for the 'avoidance/lost time' when your not looking at coins????




On the other hand, coin collecting is an art and a science. To determine what you like, why you like it and whether you should acquire it or not....

You have to study, research, think, ponder, delve in.

It's a lot of work, and takes skill (which you have to develop on your own), patience and get this... time!


And then, where do you measure success? Its not in the compulsion (which is essential, for drive..tenacity...having an objective...all these things are necessary when persuing a goal). It's in the outcome of being able to monitor and curtail your compulsion while keeping it in line with your objective, which I would think, should be, obtaining a collection of coins that you truly truly want and which truly satisfies you.

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As I have explained to my family...............I could always use that time and money for drinking, gambling, and womanizing.



What am I thinking!! 893frustrated.gifinsane.gif


For Sale: Large coin collection, coin books, tons of supplies;

free to the first good looking chick that owns a bar and bets me I can't satisfy her!

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I'm not sure collecting coins could be classified as an addiction (i.e. withdrawl symptoms if we stop). It can, however, become an obsession/compulsion. I wonder if collectors in general are more prone to obsessive/compulsive disorder than non-collectors. I know I go on binges, where I lose sleep over my coins. I've also gone a couple of months (this year) without buying a coin.


My wife collects shoes - I collect coins. Neither of us are interested in the others collections. I've been married 20 years, but my wife still resents my "cave" time. I could be watching TV (which I don't), but that would be more acceptable. I admire couples that share a pasttime. This isn't a site to discuss marital problems, although I'm curious if coins are an issue for many married collectors.


You mention that what's important is "obtaining a collection of coins that you truly truly want and which truly satisfies you." I believe that it's the nature of collecting that one is never satisfied. Even if you put together a set of the finest known examples, there are many other sets. Or a finer example might surface.


As in all things, moderation is the key. It's always been my challenge, in one form or another. Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and reading mine).



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I sleep less due to this hobby.


looking for new coins --------- 5-20 hours

admiring your coins ----------- <3 hours

buying coins ------------------ <5 hours

selling coins------------------ <5 hours

reading about coins ----------- 5-10 hours

posting messages about coins -- 2-10 hours

discussing coins -------------- <2 hours outside of the forums - no one to talk with! frown.gif

cataloging your collection(s) - <2 hours


In short, way too much time. But I am beyond hope. Hooked for life. If I weren't an insane biologist, I'd be insanely pursuing numismatics.




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I'm not sure how much time I spend on coins per week...I'm sure it's too much, though!


What I do know, though, is that I tend to spend more time thinking about what I don't have, than I do appreciating what I do have. I probably need to work on this wink.gif

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27_laughing.gif About 10-15hpw


I've converted everyone in my family who will listen. Hubby is actually quite supportive, and tries to learn and pay an interest. for us, it's a mixture of a hobby and investment, so I have to collect carefully. This means I must read, and learn - otherwise I'm afraid that my budget will be cut short. I havn't sold anything - and I'm still trying to figure out how a collector gets around to selling, something I just might leave for my kids to do, but already it looks like my kids are hooked (show me a kid that doesn't like the look of money). hi.gif

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That's why they call it a hobby...it takes up all your time. I spend maybe 10 to 20 hours a week, mostly online because of the volume of coins and dealers and auctions I can cover in a couple of hours. Years ago, or should I say pre-computer days ago I had frequented the local coin shops by car. You know actually drove there and knew the shop owners by first name. Now I deal through the mail and rarely even talk to these people by phone, how isolating this has become.

My wife has no interest in my collection. I have no interest that she wants to buy a new couch or the color it is. I gave up long ago with design and color of a couch.

I enjoy the quest of the nest find, the hunt, and the best bid or offering of that coin. I'll follow a few others above who use the word passion.

to really know and understand each coin set and sift through all the offerings to find 'your own' goal and be thrilled with coin is passion.


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looking for new coins :3 Hrs if we don't go to the coin store (if we do, 7 hrs)


admiring your coins : 2-3 Hrs, admiring, rearranging etc.


buying coins : 1&1/2 Hrs between paperwork and PO runs


selling coins : I don't sell much, just trade a lot, probably 16 hrs there but just because I chat a LOT on the site!!


reading about coins : 4+ Hrs

posting messages about coins : WOW, that went with Selling/Trading..A LOT!


discussing coins : At least 8 Hours as hubby and I and three children all collect.


cataloging your collection(s): Seems to go with admiring but I also put them into the computer so I'll give that another 2 hrs since I reorganize in the Collector's Society and in my Computer Program!


I spend a lot of hours on this!! 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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I spend 5-6 hours a day looking, reading, researching, cataloging, and just admiring some of the beautiful coins I have acquired. It drives my wife crazy screwy.gif but since I retired it HAS kept me out of her way and vice versa. 893applaud-thumb.gif I don't care to spend my hours in front of a television either so this is both educational and relaxing for me. I have noticed that my observation skills have increased so that is encouraging. cool.gif My collection is now better organized as a result of my time and efforts. smile.gif

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I would say 10-15 hrs per week. I usually spend about an hour a day on these boards, more if there's something really interesting. I like to read alot, too, so I am always reading a coin book. When I see something interesting in the book, I'll go online and check it out, or look at my coins. So maybe more time than I thought...

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its gotten to be a lot recently..I'm trying to focus my collection, catalog..go back and find the receipts and also re-imaging my registry sets.....that doesn't mean that I have stopped checking the boards...looking at my ebay listings, browsing ebay listings, running to the post office to check my POB for packages..buying money orders, writing checks, reading CW mag...searching through Krause catalogs ( 400 years worth of coins from every country in the world) to see if there are potential additions to my theme-based set...hmmmmm


gotta be more than 10 or 15 minutes a day...

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I am noticing a theme, guys whose wives don't approve, or don't appreciate it, or don't share the interest. We hear from the guys whose wives just don't get it that they spend more than $1.00 ON a dollar (of any kind, much less silver, much less gold, much less, well, you get the idea).


I mean, don't beat me up for saying it, because:


1. I know there are female collectors;

2. I honestly intend no ill will;

3. I am an enlightened 37 year old, and anything BUT a sexist pig;


BUT, truth be told, is coin collecting really more A GUY THING? Demographically speaking?




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Since retirement in 2006, I have really picked up the pace. (I mean...how many times can you do the laundry, mop the kitchen floor or organize tools in the garage.) Coins have again become a very important part of my day and this BB is most enjoyable and educational. I must be at the 20 hour per week mark now or more. To me the greatest joy is in the hunt. I love tracking down new foreign issues that I need for my music set and some are proving very elusive. Finding one that I have been hunting for for a while is really a good feeling. An occasional U.S. piece is also added though the foreign stuff is so much more affordable.


For some odd reason, I really enjoy making a new addition to the collection and physically having to move a whole mess of eagle 2x2's over one spot in the pages to allow for the new music coin. My wife calls it "introducing the new coins to the neighbors". To me it's just darn fun!!



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