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Coins back from SEGS and NGC, guess the grades

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A while ago I posted big thread displaying all the coins I bought in Baltimore. Coins were separated and went to SEGS and NGC. Today, finally coins from NGC came back (coins shipped 3/19/03). That means that NGC also had backlog of coins so don' t complain about PCGS.


Most of the coins went to SEGS (I use them bacause they put WB varieties on seated halves I collect). Four of the coins I bought in Baltimore went to SEGS

1. 1843 half dollar

2. 1892 barber quarter

3. 1842 half

4. 1839 half


Here are the pics


1843 obverse

1843 reverse

1892 obverse

1892 reverse

1842 obverse

1842 reverse

1839 obverse

1839 reverse


In addition I sent some coins to NGC. Two of my mercurey dimes I bought in Baltomore and one rosie I added for fun. Here they are:


5. 1929 dime

6. 1941-S dime

7. 1946-S dime


1929 obverse

1929 reverse

1941-S obverse

1941-S reverse

1946-S obverse

1946-S reverse


Here is the challenge if you choose to undertake: try to guess the grades of the coins 1 through 7. Try to identify any problem (if applicable) and varieties .

Hint some coins are designation heavy.



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1843 - wb102/ ef45

1842 - wb105/ ef45 a stretch tho.


1839 nd wb101 cracked rev. now this is a nice coin!

I can only call it ef40 but it's pretty hard to find with all the type collectors out there. they buy them up and seldom check the reverse. and in this condition it's even harder to find.


thanx for sharing.


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I have to apologize, but the images took to long to load at home on dial up, so I planned to look at them at work today on the T-1, but I was so busy I forgot! Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the results when you post them!

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Toyanatakaro. I send my coins to SEGS, yes because most of them are problem coins, but the sacond reason is that they attribute them (WB)


Now for the grades


SEGS grades:

1843 - AU-50 cleaned WB-102

1892 - MS-62 altered surfaces

1842 - AU-55 WB-105/med date (tripled date)

1839 - AU-55 laugh.gif no drapery WB-101 brushed surfaces


NGC grades

1929 MS-65

1941-S MS-64 FB PL small S (variety listed on the holder)

1946-S MS-64 (star) FT

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I always think seated halves have very attractive desingn.

I wish I could collect them, but because of my financial problem, I collect smallest denom of seated coinage instead.


Seems like lazeroo attributed all of those halves correctly..cool 893scratchchin-thumb.gif



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