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Regrade question

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I just made a post about this in another thread tonight. I have sent a number of coins into NGC to be crossed over and have never cracked one out. They all came back crossed at the same grade or higher except one that failed to cross. IMO NGC does not care what holder a coin is in when it is sent in to be crossed, if the coin makes the grade or higher it is put into an NGC holder.




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I've always preferred to crack the coins out before being regraded. I know what they say that the coins are graded without the graders knowing the original grade, but I have a VERY hard time believing this about one of the services.


I have used the regrade service very rarely since I am willing to crack the coins out for regrade. Of the somewhat recent coins I have sent in for regrade, I went 1 of 3 at NGC and 2 of 11 at PCGS.


Of the 2 that didn't upgrade at NGC, 1 I did not expect to. It was a flyer. The other had failed to upgrade at both PCGS and ANACS. I still feel it is a shot coin.


Of the 9 that did not upgrade at PCGS, I resubmitted several of them raw and all but 1 upgraded - some more than 1 point. Sadly, of the two that did upgrade using the regrade service, one was a silver Kennedy that is a nice MS67. It first got graded MS66 by PCGS. I cracked it out and they graded it MS65. Then on regrade it went MS66. One day it will be in the MS67 slab it deserves.

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Mike, people are all over the planet on this one. Greg has written many posts about how he cracked out a coin trying to get an upgrade & it returned in a bodybag. Then he cracked out the coin several other times & it came back in different grades. Sometimes, he got dinged for 3 different submission fees, only to have the coin return to its original grade (and sometimes he was not that 'lucky).'


Some people say this is a reason why you should only submit a coin, be it for cross-over or as an upgrade candidate, in its existing holder, as the worst case scenario is that it comes back in its original holder (versus a possibly lower grade or bodybag).


However, others will tell you that the graders know about the coin's original grade & that they rarely will admit to making a mistake, ie., giving the coin an upgrade.

One dealer whom I respect told me that he had the best luck walking expensive coins through the in-holder-same-day-at-the-show grading service level. While I may have submitted ten coin in my entire lifetime, one of them was a 36 S Walker to PCGS in a 5 holder which I thought was undergraded and it is now in a PCGS 6 holder.


My advice to you -- if you are a collector like me and not a dealer -- is buy nice-for-the-grade coins and not submit anything, unless you have a situation like a FH SLQ which is not marked as such.


As an aside, I got an education when I took a few nice for the grade coins to Long Beach several years ago and asked several dealers if they thought the coins would upgrade, and why. Again, ask ten people, you get eleven different opinions.

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If you haven't cracked a coin out of a slab safely yourself, I'd simply send anything/everything in as a crossover. You'll be in a MUCH safer position if you do it this way. If the coin doesn't cross, you get it back in the old slab, and if it does, it will be put in a new NGC slab. Better that than trying to pop it out of the old slab and accidentally putting a bad scratch right in one of the prime focal areas.

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