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Very important thread across the street concerning Patriot Act and bullion.

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Some of you know of the Patriot Act provisions that are going to be enforced in 2006. There is a good discussion across the street and good information is being reported. For EXACT information, it is best to contact ICTA for absolute requirements.





Some of you will say, oh, another "scarey" thread. Sorry, this is the real deal. I know of way too many coin dealers who literally are convicted felons because they were too casual about reporting incoming cash on an IRS 8300 form. Now the rules have changed and many $20 Libs and Saints that were not considered bullion are NOW considered such under new provisions. Be very, very careful with these transactions. Some dealers have lost everything being careless. I have heard stories of dealers AND collectors being set up by the FEDS.




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The Fed is again sticking their hand in our our tax pocket while picking our entitlement pocket. Pretty soon we will all work for no retirement programs and asset building benefits (i.e. 401-k's) anyhow. We will all be "Consultants" or Part-timer employees with no benefits. The top 2% of wage earners will be paid 80% of total earnings instead of the 40% they now earn. Mourn our Republic Meritocracy being trading for 19th Century style, explotative, elitist, offshore capitalism that doesn't pay US Taxes. Otherwise defined as the widely ballyhood "Flat Earth" culture. This is the new economic Colonialism, the more rational equivalent to the Old Empire, kill-them-if-they-resist colonialism.

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