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1945-P Jeff -6 Steps - Premium in NGC over PCGS?

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Just found a nice MS66 full 6 step 45-p Jeff in an original roll. Its a POP 1 (any grade) at NGC and PCGS has 130 total graded FS (54 in 66FS). How much of a premium do you thik the coin would be worth as a POP 2 NGC coin vs. throwing it in with the rest of the POPs at PCGS?


I also found 4 42-S 6 step Jeffs, currently a total POP of 6 at NGC and 113 at PCGS. Thoughts or guesses?


(Actually won't be selling the coin but just would like to know.)



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Since NGC is so much tighter on the FS attribution I would like to think that having them slab it would the best thing to do. When I am looking at FS nickels I tend to gravitate to NGC slabs first because I know the coins really ought to have all 6 steps.


Of course, having the PCG$ name on a slab does tilt the rules somewhat with respect to perception, so its difficult to say.

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I think it's true that knowledgable collectors will be attracted more by a Jefferson FS nickel in an NGC slab than a PCGS slab. All other factors being equal, the six steps are quite attractive. The hitch here is all other factors being equal, which one cannot really tell but in person. In the registry game where most transactions are sight-unseen, and given the relative popularity of the PCGS registry, you'll find that the NGC coins garner slightly less on average than the PCGS counterparts. This is downright silly, but it's still the case for the time being. (I don't think this will be the way it always is).


One must keep in mind that there are also a fair number of 6 step Jefferson nickels in PCGS holders. And 6 steps or not, there are great coins in all slabs and also in the raw.


I'd be most interested in the coins you describe, so call me when you get those graded! smile.gif



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Hi Brian

Get both coins certified in 6, I may know of a buyer. I haven't touched base with this collector for a year or so but one of his last additions was a 45-S in 6 at $800.

This collector also needed the 42-S at that time. I happened to know he needed this one because I have one of the 3 ANACS 66's. I wouldn't mind having a look at these coins.



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