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Grading Services

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I Myself like NGC the Best,I feel that they are more conservative when it comes to Grading the MORGAN DOLLAR and Franklin Half Dollar,But I like PCGS when it comes to PEACE DOLLARS as I feel they are more conservative when Grading them. smile.giflaugh.gifshocked.giftongue.gif

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Best for what? There are so many different areas and facets that you can't label one the 'best'.


If we stick to grading only:

I think that NGC does an excellent job with most coins, but I wish they would do a little more with varieties.

ANACS is good with varieties. Their 'net grading' of problem coins sucks.

SEGS is also good with varieties.

PCGS, when they are on top of their game, are good. However, they haven't been on top of their game, but rather playing a game for too long.

ICG, PCI, ACG, NTC, and the home slabbers suck.


Other things like customer service:

NGC & SEGS are top notch.

ANACS is fair.

ICG is fair.

PCGS is awful.

I don't know about the others, since I don't use them.



NGC & PCGS are about the same (with PCG$ being a little better with moderns).

ANACS is next.

ICG and SEGS are next.

Then the junk services.

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