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NGC v. PCG$ Modern Pricing

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I just received my grades from NGC (they killed me on all but a few coins and I mean KILLED), and I went to look up some prices for my coins.


One of those coins was a 1973-S Ike in MS68. Four coins (2 NGC & 2 PCG$) have sold on TeleTrash in the last 4 months.


PCG$ (Jan 6, 2003): $140

NGC (Jan 26, 2003): $130

PCG$ (Mar 24, 2003): $140

NGC (Mar 30, 2003): $150


Rather interesting that these coins are commanding the same amount of money regardless of the slab. Anyone else noticing the price of NGC moderns moving up? Is it the NGC registry? People becoming less slab biased? People becomming tired of PCG$? An other reason?


I also noticed for the Jan 26, 2003 coin, the description listed "NGC has certified only around 64 pieces at this level; one higher." That current pop sits at 99 (with an additional 6 coins given the * designation). That means that if TT got it correct, the pop of this coin at NGC jumped 54% in about 2 months. shocked.gif


Can this be right? Anyone follow the pop on this coin?


I also noticed the PCG$ pop is 266 in this grade, which according to David Hall is proof of PCG$'s more lax grading standards. Has the pop over there also shot up recently?

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I agree with your reasons,with PCGS's problem's and also PCGS people realizing that the coin matter's not the slab.


I,m not to familiar with the Ike's, but I have been watching the modern washington's (clad) and the NGC coin's are still lagging behind in atleast the market on certain ebay item's.


As far as some of the coin house's I have seen some "pop top" modern's in pcgs but not many in NGC.


Since I like and collect the washington series I believe there are bargains out there to find...that's the enjoyment for me.

Especially in NGC slab's, but there aren't that many out there in high grade's.


Obviously, the market, I think is right now in pcgs's hand's as far as modern's as far as total submission's of the clad's.Therefor higher price's



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I've been watching some of the nickel market come closer together - especially FS Jeffs and, as one might expect, NGC nicks with * designation. People are beginning to realize that an NGC graded nickel is more accurately graded than a PCGS graded nickel, in genteral. Many also now know that NGC only gives the FS attribution to 6 step nickels. Just my belief about it.



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This is what you get when you purchase PCG$ coins...





As my new tyrant policy states, anyone making any comment not 100% pro-PCGS

will be banned from these forums. This is true even if you make the comment

to yourself in the privacy of your own home. I will find out about it. I am

a very powerful and sexy man.


You wrote "PS- PCGS SUCKS". As the Lord of PCGS Land I completely disagree

with this. It's attitudes like this that caused you to get into a car

accident. Bad Karma.


You have two choices, you can say the following 1,000 times:


"PCGS is the best grading service and David Hall is a sexy man.".


or you can go over to the NGC forums (http://boards.collectors-society.com)

or the NumisAddict forums (www.numisaddict.com) and start posting there. It

is your choice.




David "Home Run" Hall>>>



To hell w/ that... NGC, here I am..



Gereg, awesome to see ya again buddy! smile.gif



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