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A very positive experience with NGC's appearance review

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I'm sure some of you remember when I first posted this coin, the day I got it a few months ago... it's in an NGC MS65* holder, and really a gorgeous coin.


At the ANA summer seminar, when I pulled it out to show some people in my advanced grading class, I noticed that a small spot was growing on the eagle's wing. The spot was definitely not there when I bought the coin. It was suggested that I send the coin back to NGC under the appearance review, which I did once I arrived here in Sarasota. I got the coin back today. No spot, no signs of visible damage at all. And best of all, no charge smile.gif Needless to say, I was very happy. When I got the coin back to the office, I showed it to John (Maben) again--he saw it before I sent it in--and he had just a few words for the coin... "That's a very pretty coin" smile.gif





Jeremy smile.gif


PS- I should elaborate... this coin was not cleaned. The spot was growing, caused by a very small foreign particle on the coin. It was simply removed, and the coin conserved so there were no remnants of the spot, or anything else damaging, left. The image was taken right when I got the coin--and this is again what the coin looks like. The spot was NOT there when the coin was purchased, and the toning was completely unharmed when this was done (the spot was in the white part of the reverse).

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How was it cleaned, if it was not cleaned? Did they let you in on how they removed the spot?



No Jonathan,it was conserved not cleaned. 893naughty-thumb.gif




Basicly NCS "properly" cleans your coins,which is different from "improper" cleaning.After which they treat the coins so that they won't turn back... tongue.gif

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