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one dollar for twenty five cents?? I love it!!!!

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many many thanks (and free dollars) to the united states mint!!


I have received a conservitave estimate of 40+ susan b. anthony dollars in luew of quarters!!! Yes!! thats right. dollars given as quarters!! One time i received 4

of them in one transaction!!!


do i feel bad about it??? ..................... NO!!!


I did not realize this had taken place until i had left the store!


ok ok ok !!!!!! I am an honest person. no. i will not drive back for something like that though. If im in a store and they hand me an extra five spot.. yes believe it or not, i would give it back!!


Im sure this has happened to many of you. Hasnt it??????


tonight, I gave my susan b anthony dollar to my employer. I showed it to him and

well, the rest is history!!


happy hunting!!


mike. grin.gif


dont forget people, proof sets are a wonderful way to collect!!! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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This brings back to mind something that happened to me yesterday. I went to my local post office to send out a coin I sold on eBay. The postage came to $3.03. I gave the guy behind the counter a five dollar bill and he asked if I had any change.


I told him that I did not have any change, which was true. He began to go on about how I should make sure that I have change when I come to the post office, especially on a Monday. I had no idea what he was talking about and I know from having to deal with him in the past that he is a complainer so I paid him no mind.


Anyway he gave me my change and I left. After I got home I went to put the change he gave me into a change holder I keep on my desk and noticed that two of the quarters looked white. Sure enough he had given me two 1964 silver quarters!


Before this I had not received silver in change in probably six or seven years!


I must admit that I felt great satisfaction in the thought that after having to hear his complaining at lest I got paid! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif



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ha ha ha !!yaa I like, i like a lot. thanks for the reply john!


and ya know, many postal workers are kind of weird anyway!!


thanks mike. grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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This is precisely why I don't like SBAs! I had a few sitting around, and I knew that I could easily spend them as quarters, so I took them to the bank with my last deposit, and I felt bad for the kid, who was probably 18 or younger, one of those High School programs for after school jobs, and he kept counting and counting and finally a little embarrassed, he said, "sir, I'm sorry but you are $3 short." So I quickly pointed out his error, and he looked closely at them and the clouds of confusion parted! So, if a bank teller, presumably trained in the intricacies of our currency has problems, imagine what the poor clerk at McDonalds goes through!

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