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Diane Hager's response to the ANA Board Decision

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This woman is truly out of it. Here is her response to the ANA Board decision that was handed down:


"I am saddened and outraged."


"I had been told that the corruption was too rampart for any decision

to be made against a governor, but I naively chose to go forward. I

presented my case with considerable evidence to substantiate each

and every claim, not only in my complaint, but in my rebuttal as well.

And still a decision was not made in my favor. How could this be?"


"Many people who attended the hearing came to me in support and confirmed

my belief that my case was clear and substantiated by facts. If others heard

the truth, what stopped these seven men and women from hearing the truth?"


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You know, it must be nice living in a dream world. She probably also thinks that Saddam is part of the Trilateral Commission and is secretly in a business deal with some guy in New Mexico for future speaking engagements on dictatorship and weapons of mass destruction.

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That poor woman clearly has some sort of mental illness. She needs help. I hope she gets some professional help...professional on the same level as ACG. laugh.gif

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I disagree with the assumption that she is nuts. I'm sure she knows exactly what she is saying and will continue to protest her innocence and pretend that it is all persecution. I suspect she is in the business only for the money, and will spout any lie that will, in her mind, make ACG look good. Just like the criminal that habitually proclaims innocence, the politician that will never admit to wrongdoing, and the blind ideologue that will never admit any flaws in their ideology, she will continue to protest.


Fortunately, it looks like most people are getting educated, and fewer newbies are being suckered in. Lets hope the market sinks her ship. But rest assured, she will go down with it proclaiming innocence - playing the martyr.


Sadly, as we watch the demise of ACG, we will watch the ascendancy of NTC to take over the No. 1 position in the "there is a sucker born every minute" sector of the coin market.


Remember W.C. Fields reply to B.T. Barnum's line ..........born every minute. "And two crooks to swindle him."

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