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Affordable and Interesting

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Thanks a lot.  It's hard for me to resist pieces like this.  This one cost about as much as a sushi dinner for my family... so, coins like these are within range for most collectors.  I wanted to show some of the fun and affordable things out there.  All too often we see beautiful things that we must enjoy vicariously due to being cost prohibitive.

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I prefer my early type coins with age on them. I am of the opinion that non-MS (G-AU) coins that survive from these periods have much more real history to them. Some are only available in lower grades. Some are very low grade but still VERY rare and not easily obtained in any grade. The patina must be just right. The details for me must have a certain antiqued look and the coins surface must be relatively clean of gouges, marks, etc... just like the coins you posted. Very nice, interesting examples. Great add.

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On 5/20/2024 at 3:35 PM, The Neophyte Numismatist said:

So, I was able to do it again! I found an 1805 C-4 (R.1) in XF40 with a rim clip. I didn't have the variety, and the rim clip makes it a little cool. This coin was a little more expensive than the Sushi dinner, but at $550... it's certainly an achievable coin for a collector that wants to squirrel a few dollars away for something cool.

This coin is not the example in my date set, but an accent piece. I just got it in hand, and I LOVE it. The surfaces are smooth and hard. There are no overly distracting marks to speak of. IMO it is pretty darn hard to find an XF40 half cent that looks as good as this - the clip is what makes it cool (and gives me an excuse to upgrade the variety one day).

I will include the dealer pics, and the PCGS TrueView:


Another very nice coin my friend.

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