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1982 no mint Penny 3.1 grams. Ideas
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I have been going through old Pennies and noticed this 1982 no mint.  I noticed the date was further away from rim than my other 1982 pennies so I weighed it and it hit 3.1 grams.  I then checked the curve on the 2.  Different from others.  Is this Penny a keeper?   Any worth?




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   What you have is a 1982 small date cent in the brass (95% copper, 5% zinc) alloy with an official weight of 3.11 grams that was discontinued in the latter part of that year and replaced with the current copper-plated zinc (official weight 2.5 grams) composition. It is relatively common and has no collector value when circulated like yours but is worth keeping if you find it interesting. 

   All 1982 and 1982-D cents, whether of the large or small date varieties or composed of brass or copper-plated zinc are common, except for the 1982-D small date struck in brass, which was discovered a few years ago and of which only two are presently known to exist. One would likely have better chances winning the "Mega Millions" lottery than finding another.

   If you want to learn about U.S. coins and how to collect them, you should obtain basic books about them, at a bare minimum a current (2025) or recent edition of A Guide Book of United States Coins, commonly known as the "Red Book" and available from its publisher at whitman.com.  Additional print and online resources are described on the following forum topics:


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

You have a 1982 (P) small date Lincoln cent in bronze with an ideal weight of 3.11g and the weight of your cent is well within Mint tolerance. (P) is how we refer to coinage struck at the Philadelphia Mint which are sans mintmarks.

The cent you have, however, has been harshly cleaned and not done well at that. It is worth face value and is a spender in its current condition.

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