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Attempting to add an NGC AU58 Ike to my Everyman Registry set
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I tried to add XXXXX to my list of coins and it isn't allowing me to do so.

Would you please help?




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    I don't know why the coin couldn't be entered into your coin list and used in a custom set, but if you are trying to add it to a competitive set, coins certified as mint errors aren't eligible for competitive sets. The Administrator explained this policy as follows:   

Coins designated/labeled as "MINT ERROR" are not eligible for competitive NGC Registry sets.  When our graders (or PCGS graders) designate something as a MINT ERROR, as a rule, these are ineligible for the NGC Registry. Each piece is rare in its own way. Mint errors are unique, and prices can vary greatly and are highly subjective. Therefore, to allow them in the NGC Competitive Registry would be unfair practice.

The exception to this rule is the US Presidential Dollar - Edge Lettering error NGC Registry set; these coins are more common and are similar; as such, we can assign them a competitive registry score and require others to obtain similar coins to fill their registry set. Therefore, competitive sets for these PEL error coins are the exception to the rule. 

You may enter your ME coins into Custom NGC Registry sets, if you wish.



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