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1794 coin
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  Welcome to the NGC chat board.

   Your purported 1794 silver dollars are obvious counterfeits, likely of the sort that have been mass produced in China over the past few decades.  See 1794 BB-1,B-1 $1 MS | Coin Explorer | NGC (ngccoin.com) for photos of a genuine example of this rare coin, of which fewer than 200 are believed to exist. All of these coins were struck from the same pair of ties, so the shapes and positions of all letters, numbers, stars and other design elements are identical on all genuine pieces. Note, just for example, the differences in the appearance of Liberty's face and hair and of the eagle on the genuine piece from the counterfeits.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

It only took me a few seconds with a look at the date numerals to know these are all counterfeits. The 7 is missing the uptick, the 9 is missing the knob, and the 4 is missing the uptick and is incorrectly shaped. As well as all the numerals look lower and smaller than on an original. I did not really need to examine the reverse.

The fact that these do not stick to a magnet is because they are probably mostly nickel with some other cheaper metals like tin and copper mixed in.

Some of the Chinese counterfeits have been close to the weights of the originals so you can't always go off the weight. These however have obvious differences in detail from a genuine specimen.

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