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Bicentennial Washington Quarter Inquiry
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Welcome to the forum

Why would you want a common quarter to be graded. It would cost you about $55-60.00 to grade.   
Getting coins graded without the proper knowledge is a great way to lose money.
There were over 860 million D mintmark produced and with the condition of yours with the damage    
isn’t worth much more than face value.   
Unless a coin is worth at least $150- 200.00, it is not worth the cost of grading.

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On 4/15/2024 at 12:51 PM, Buchannister said:

Hello. I'm new here and would like some assistance as to if I should have this Quarter graded or not. Thank you for your help.

Screenshot_20240415-123504 (1).jpg


Goodness no! Why would you consider it?

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    Respectfully, your worn and badly scratched 1976-D Bicentennial quarter is only worth its face value of 25 cents. Even almost all uncirculated examples of this issue wouldn't be worth the cost of submission to a third-party grading service, which is what I assume what you mean by "having it graded".   

    Before you even think about submitting coins to grading services, it is essential that you have a good understanding of how to grade and otherwise evaluate coins yourself.  Many coins that are of insufficient value to justify third-party grading and encapsulation may be enjoyably collected in coin albums or other appropriate holders.

    Please refer to the following forum topics that identify reliable print and online resources from which you may learn about how to evaluate and collect U.S. coins:


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Hello and welcome to the forum!

If you are seeking a grade on this coin I could provide that here. It is at best XF Details - Damaged. Its value is face value. If you are inquiring about submitting this coin to a third party grading service, continue to read my comments.

There seems to be some surface environmental damage to your coin causing it to have a "gritty" or "sandblasted" look. Also, I note on the obverse some circular scratches from a coin roll wrapping machine. These modern coins need to be in gem BU to even consider them to be worth the cost of submitting to a TPG. Especially in a single coin submission, a modern tier coin costs $19 to grade, but you also have to add cost of shipping to and from the grading service which will run you about $30 each way. There is also a $10 handling fee applied to all orders. You would also need to shell out an additional $50 to become a basic member to have the ability to submit. It would run you about $130 for a TPG to grade this one coin which its value is face value. So, your answer to sending this for grading is no.

As you are new, I would encourage you to avail yourself of the resources mentioned by member @Sandon.

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