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I have a 1909S penny. What is its value?
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You can go to the following CoinFacts page for that regular 1909-S 1C coin to match a grade with the coin in-hand (click "View More Images"), and then look up an approximate value.  That looks pretty worn and there are marks on the reverse which may be scrapes which would result in a "Details" grade that would knock off like a 1/4 to 1/3 the value.


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    Although the photos are better than in your previous post on the Marketplace forum, their resolution is inadequate to get a clear view of the "S" mintmark.  The coin is in approximately Very Good condition (a worn grade), possibly with light surface damage. In this condition, and assuming that the coin is genuine and unimpaired, it would have a retail list value of approximately $90-$110. Dealers could be expected to pay between half and two thirds of this amount, less if the coin is damaged or otherwise impaired.

   The mintmark on a genuine 1909-S Lincoln cent should look like this image from NGC Counterfeit Detection, including the circled little raised dot in the upper loop of the "S":


   If your coin's mintmark does not closely match this one, allowing for wear, it is likely an added mintmark, which would have no collector value.

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Hello and welcome!

Your photos are not properly cropped to be able to tell, but as noted by @Sandon this is a popular cent for scammers to modify by adding a mintmark to a plain non mintmarked (P) 1909 cent so scrutiny needs to be taken to check that.

Assuming your cent is genuine, it is BN (brown) in color and I would say this coin is a VG 08. The surfaces seem to look original to me and not cleaned. I think the reverse has the effect of partial "woodgrain" toning that I have seen on the obverses and reverses of many cents of this time period.

Currently in the NGC price guide a VG is listed at $110. However, that figure given is typically for a certified and holdered example and not raw. A dealer however will probably offer you a little less than half of that figure (probably around $40-50). 

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