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Bulgaria's 1981 1S coins and 1988 SMALL DATE 20S coins

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Hello, I'm Pavel Petkov (CS050291) from Bulgaria. I have following situation some slots have to drop off the competition list as inapropriate ones. 1981 1S KM-84 and 1988 SMALL DATE 20S. There is a difference between two Bulgaria's 1 stotinka coins, both issued in 1981. The one is regular strike intended for circulation KM-111, and the other is KM-84. They can be distinguished by their obverse, the reverse is one and the same. Regular coin bears legends "Хиляда и триста години България" (1300th Anniversary of Bulgaria), the irregular one (KM-84) bears legends "Народна република България" (People's republic of Bulgaria). I have two 1981 1S KM-84, both recognized as Mint errors, which do not enter the Registry as by a rule. And mint error in both cases do not comes from planchets, clips, mechanical forced changes, rotated or clashed dies - no, it is just because the difference in legends, it can be said that the irregular coin is a mule with an obverse of 1974 1S, which is mint error too. How will you describe  1981 1S KM-84 in a way not to be mint error? May one and the same coin to be both-, once mint error and then regular coin (coins are both in their fabric condition as expected, with normal traces of circulation) ? Come on!

The other slot is 1988 SMALL DATE 20S. There is slot and for so-called large dated coins. I think this slot to be dropped off, as such variety is not recognized by the Bulgarian national bank (https://www.bnb.bg/bnbweb/groups/public/documents/bnb_publication/pub_np_catalogues_coins_p1_bg.pdf).   On other hand  -how many of these have you seen? Holy cow? Just ONE!!! I can say your regisrtry set "1951-1990, Circulation Issue (Business Strike Only)" is corrupted!!! You give advantage to a competitor with a one , single known coin presented before  NGC, pretending to be a variety. In PCGC there is no "Small/Large date" 1988 20S , it is just 1988 20S Bulgaria. Chance to have this in anybody's set is one to millions (no one knows how many, as there are no mintage figures revealed in public). Come on! Make the game fair, please!

I need your confimation and comment and what have you decided on these two slots - to be, or not to be? Send it to p222707@abv.bg, please!

Sincerely yours, Pavel Petkov          
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