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Need for some suggestions sending coin for NCS and Regrade
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Need for some good suggestions: Sending coin for NCS + Regrade 

I'm suspecting my coin has some of the proof coin details, but there is light patina covered its brightness and some details, so I can't really judge it well. I wish to send it to NCS + Regrade, but I wish to keep the original NGC graded AU53. Is there still possible to request a minimum grade AU53 after NCS? Please advise, thanks.

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Hello @Hckooi83

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a minimum grade when submitting a coin for NCS and regrade. In some cases, contaminants on the coin's surface can hide defects that will affect the coin's grade. These defects would only be revealed once NCS has conserved the coin. 

If you have any other questions, please let us know. 

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Any toning or surface problems can hide surface issues (if any). Any time you submit a coin to NCS for conservation, there is a risk of the grade being lowered or possibly even becoming a details grade for some underlying issue that was under the surface of toning or a surface problem (i.e. a spot that had corrosion underneath it). It depends on the surface issue on your coin. There is also a possibility of the coin receiving a higher grade. Depending on the surface problem, NCS may decline to conserve your coin and charge you the $5 fee. I had this happen on a Morgan I submitted to NCS and it came back in a bag stating that conservation would negatively impact the grade, so they declined to perform the conservation service.

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