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Are any of the 4 here, worth sending in?
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Hello @Idiosynsatiable, thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, NGC can't really advise you on if your coins are worth sending in for grading. That is up to the individual and why you want them graded.  Some people have them graded with the intent just to sell the coins.  Others have them graded just because they want to protect them in the holder and don't really have any interest in selling them or the value of the coin.  If your intent is to sell them, then you'd want to compare the cost of joining and getting the coin graded versus what you could get for the coin raw.  You'd have to either check online to get an idea of what that type of coin sells for or have them appraised by a currency dealer. Kindly keep in mind that NGC does not buy, sell, or value coins.

If you do choose to send the coins for grading, you will need to determine a declared value for each coin.  The value we ask you for is an insurance value, a number you would feel comfortable with in terms of a replacement value if your item was lost or damaged while with us. Each tier of service covers up to a maximum specified insurance level and you must choose a tier of service that will accommodate the declared value for your item.  Services and Fees | NGCYou can learn more about how to submit coins here: NGC Coins | How to submit.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you!

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   Welcome to the NGC chat board. Although NGC does not give free advice, you can post inquiries like this on the "Newbie Coin Collecting Questions" forum. Please include clear, cropped photos of each side of each coin taken separately with the camera directly overhead, not a group photo taken from a distance and an angle and showing more background than coin.

   Even with the limitations of the current photos, the answer to your question is definitely NO!  With the possible exception of the 1992-P quarter at top right, all of these clad quarters show wear or damage.  The 1992-P quarter would likely grade no better than MS 64, with a retail value on the NGC Price Guide of $7.50. The 1982-D quarters appear to grade in the AU range, with retail list values of about $0.50 each. The 1972-D appears to be XF and worth face value.  Submission of these coins would entail a $19 per coin grading fee at the "Modern" tier level, and $38 in per order processing and return shipping fees, plus your cost of shipping the coins to NGC. Hardly any modern coins made for circulation are worth the cost of third-party grading; and to identify plausible candidates, you would have to have substantial knowledge of coin grading yourself.

   You may find the following article by a highly experienced coin dealer of value:

Jeff Garrett: The Art of Rare Coin Submissions | NGC (ngccoin.com)

  To start the process of learning to grade and otherwise evaluate coins, refer to the print and online resources described in the following topic:

    You would also benefit from attending venues such as coin shows and coin club meetings where you can see examples of correctly graded coins and learn from experienced collectors and dealers.

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