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Questions on Submissions

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Ok, I really hope these aren't dumb questions, but I tried to look them up and did not find a satisfactory answer, so here goes:


1) I saw the gold types allowed under the "Gold Rush" and "Specialty Gold" submissions, but mysteriously absent are the pre-liberty types. I have a Classic head $5 that I'd like to submit, but can't quite figure out which tier they would fall under. Are these considered "Liberty" hence falling under Gold Rush, or "Better Date" falling in Specialty gold?


2) What do you mean by "Better Date" gold under the Specialty Gold submission tier? If I have a 1915-S Saint, it's certainly a better date than a 1928, but both could be submitted under the Gold Rush right? I guess the source of my confusion is that one tier is specifically inclusive of "better date" coins, yet the maximum value is identical at $1,000. Shouldn't the tier for better date coins have a higher cap on value?


3) Since I just joined the club, I am waiting for my forms and whatnot, but in my first submission, can I include more coins than the 5 freebies? Also, can I include more than one submission in the shipment with the first one (i.e. I will likely add a gold rush submission), and can crossovers and raw coins be included on the same submission?


Thanks for your attention, and I apologize in advance if these questions are redundant.

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1) $5 Classic Head would fall under Specialty Gold since it is not a "generic" type such as a Liberty $5, $10, or $20, or a $20 Saint. There is a max value also of $1000 per coin, if the value exceeds that you must use Early Bird which is good up to $3000. All $1, $3, $2.50 Indian ,$5 Indian , and Liberty $2.50 must be submitted Specialty Gold.


2) An example of "Better Dates" would be "C" and "D" mint gold and other key and semi-key dates that fall outside the range of "generics". Generics trade according to grade and type without regard for their respective dates. Again, both Goldrush and Specialty Gold have a $1000 per coin value limit as well. If they exceed that, Early Bird is the tier to use.


3) Customer Service is always available to assist you with questions of this nature. Please call them at 800 642 2646.


Thank you.






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  • Administrator

3) Yes, you can include more coins than the 5 freebies.


Yes, you can include more than one submission in the

shipment with the first one.


No, you can't submit crossovers and raw coins on the

same submission form. They must be submitted



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