Low cost State Quarters NGC graded MS66

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1999; D Georgia MS66

2000; D Massachusetts MS66, D Maryland MS66, D Virginia MS66, 

2001; P Vermont MS66, D North Carolina MS66, D New York MS66

2002; D Ohio MS66, D Indiana MS66

2003; D Maine MS66, D Missouri MS66, P Alabama MS66, D Alabama MS66, D Illinois MS66

2004; P Iowa MS66, P Wisconsin MS66

2005; D Oregon MS66, D California MS66, P Kansas MS66, D Kansas MS66, D Minnesota MS66

2006; P Nevada MS66, D North Dakota MS66, P South Dakota MS66, P Nebraska MS66

2008; P Arizona MS66, D Oklahoma MS66, P Alaska MS66, D Alaska MS66, P Hawaii MS66

Accepting any good low offers and shipping fees.

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