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Did NGC attribute this error correctly?

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This coin is being discussed on another site.  The discussion involves whether this is truly struck on a foreign planchets or if it's just struck on a planchet punched from thin rolled Nickel stock, and therefore less valuable.

Doing some research using a comprehensive list of foreign coins struck at the US mint, published in an issue of Mint Error News, I determined the following:

* The mint didn't struck coins for other countries between 1980 and 2001.  This coin is dated 1987

* The Denver mint stopped striking foreign coins in 1975, 12 years before this coin was minted

* I could find no planchets that were close to 3.7 gms.  A few 3.4 gms copper alloy were used, but this coin is obviously not a copper composition.

It would have been helpful if the would have included the composition on the slab.  Are we to assume it's the standard cupronickel composition?  Is it something else?

Did NGC get this wrong?  







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On 8/15/2022 at 4:43 PM, Oldhoopster said:

Are we to assume it's the standard cupronickel composition? 

XRF testing costs extra.

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