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U.S. / Philippine Peso Set
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Can someone please explain this to me -

In the U.S. / Philippine peso set, the 1906-S business strike has been the key to the set for decades. Recently, the 1905-S (Straight Serif) has almost surpassed the 1906-S in price and I'm assuming rarity. My question, why is the 1905-S Straight Serif only worth a few hundred points in the registry yet the 1906-S is worth thousands?

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That’s a good question, @Scavenger1. Upon checking, I noticed that both varieties are scored the same. I think this coin’s registry score needs to be reviewed based on what Scavenger1 said, and on the following info:

The 1905-S peso coin. A total of 6,056,000 were minted and two varieties exist: The more common curved serif variety (Allen-16.06), and the scarce straight serif variety Allen-16.06a). For those who are not familiar with this variety, this coin is characterized by having a triangular-shaped top number "1" in the date, instead of the curved top of the other variety. The mintage quantity of the straight serif reverse die variety is unknown. It is estimated to be only a small fraction of the 6 million struck. And from that estimated small fraction minted, perhaps only a minuscule number survived (re-coining and dumping into Manila Bay), and are in collectible condition today.

NGC has only graded 12 straight serif 1905-S coins (13 in details grade) compared to:

101 1905-S curved serif (110 details grade)
  25 1906-S (41 details grade) Key date
  24 1912-S (61 details grade) Semi-key
  56 1911-S (41 details grade)

So based on this background information and the stats, coupled with the rising price of this coin, I think that NGC should look into the registry scores and adjust them accordingly.



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  • Administrator


If either or both of you could send links from reputable websites with recent, completed transactions of these coins to registry@NGCcoin.com, the team would appreciate it when making adjustments. 

In the future, for the fastest response for an NGC score revision request, please do the following:

1) Go to the actual set in question.

2) Click "See eligible coins."

3) Click "Request a Score Correction." 

Thank you.


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  • Administrator
On 7/16/2022 at 10:08 AM, The 12th Denticle said:

Thank you, Ali. And thank you to the rest of the NGC Registry team as well. You guys looked into the discrepancy and made the score adjustment right away. You are awesome!:headbang:

Thank you so much. That's what we are here for. It is our pleasure. :bigsmile:

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