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Can anyone explain this to me?

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This is an interesting circumstance…

I was looking at my 1914 D $5 Indian in the Registry, which is MS 64+ CAC, and I then clicked the NGC Coin Explorer for further info.

I noticed that my coin, Registry-wise, was in 2nd place, with me losing out to foresthamilton@universalcoin.com since his coin is MS 65.

I clicked on the image of his coin, and when it enlarged, it wasn’t displayed as MS 65, it instead showed MS 64.

I copied down the Verify Cert # of his coin, and then checked its authenticity using 3217154-003 and grade of MS 64.  It wouldn’t open.

I then entered the same Verify Cert # again — 3217154-003 — but used the Grade of 65… and it opened.

There again, the coin displayed is clearly MS 64.

Have I been bumped to Registry 2nd Place in error?  What gives?


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Here is the reply I got from NGC Service:

Good morning, Robert,

Thank you for reaching out to NGC. We apologize for the confusion. It appears the photo has not been updated in some time; however, we want to assure you the coin is in fact graded at an MS65. Most likely the coin was originally graded at an MS64 and was regraded at the MS65 but the photo was not updated with the grade. We cannot update the photo unless the customer decides to send the coin back to us for photos to be taken. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Thank you.

From my own experiences with NGC, I've never submitted an NGC slabbed coin for Regrade, so I don't know what is involved.

However, from NGC's Homepage:

Submit > Services & Fees > Regrade >

Coins submitted for ReGrade will be removed from their NGC holder by NGC staff and encapsulated with a new NGC holder, label and certification number even if the grade doesn’t change.

So, how is it that someone has a coin in the Registry that would have had to have received a new certification number and grade, and yet the old certification number still exists… but with a higher grade?

This doesn't make sense at all.

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