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Why Not ANACS graded coins
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I dont understand why NGC allows PCGS and ANACS graded coins. I have a Full Set of Advanced released MS70 2021 Morgans/Peace. It would surely boost my Registry set points and rank

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PCGS coins are allowed in the US sets because NGC believes that the grading standards are similar enough to be cohesive and on par with the NGC grading.   Ultimately it comes down to; their playground, their rules.   And it could be worse, 6 or 8 years ago NGC decided to stop allowing PCGS coin in the US sets, a decision that was met with considerable backlash.   It has been only a few years since NGC reversed that decision and allowed PCGS coins to again be counted in the registry.   Also, in case you were not aware, it is NGC only for the world sets, something that some world collectors would like to see changed too.

You do have a couple of alternatives, you can start your own website and registry designed to suit your needs.   Or you could cross your ANACS coins over to NGC (or PCGS) and then use them in the registry here.


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On 5/1/2022 at 5:12 PM, Coinbuf said:

it is NGC only for the world sets, something that some world collectors would like to see changed too.

I don't think we'll ever see that though. Because of how NGC and PCGS differ on their labeling and such - the reason NGC gave in the beginning - it'd make too much of a nightmare for them. World PCGS just ain't coming back.

I think people just need to accept that they need to decide what they want to be and make their peace with it. You want to collect what you like and not care about holders? Cool. Don't sweat the registry. You want to participate in a registry? Cool. Pick a company and buy / grade / submit accordingly.

Personally, I like a consistent presentation, and it bugs me to have a set that has radically different holders. So I was always going to end up mostly collecting one company / one set of slabs for the visual consistency of the collection. So it doesn't harsh my mellow much. (shrug)

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