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I found this nice looking 71d cent with some interesting features. Since I couldn't find a match on any of the regular sites, I assume the doubling I see on the eye, date and other devices has to me machine doubling. My question is, if one was lucky enough to find a previously unknown doubled die that was in the same class as some of the more famous ones, what would be the best way to handle it. I wouldn't now what to do with it. I know it's more than highly unlikely, but I am just curious. Thanks a bunch!20220419_194852.thumb.jpg.1ee36eee057406164ed236fd3252ba2f.jpg20220419_194841.thumb.jpg.91b98e3a2cbdf6a8aa731ea4e0a48edd.jpg20220419_194916.jpg.b0112ab518e8c47d5c46afe5e49aaa94.jpg


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IF you were to find a new variety, you would need to first get it listed with one of the variety organizations. CONECA is the main one. You would have to send the coin to an attributor, and they will make a decision. Also bear in mind if they do feel it is a new variety, that does not mean it will be recognized everywhere. Many varieties that are recognized by CONECA, Wexler, etc. are not also recognized by the TPGs.

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On 4/20/2022 at 10:40 AM, Clay1492 said:

Thank you. Could I sheepishly ask what TPGs stands for and is my assumption on my coin is correct? Sorry for the dumb questions.

It stands for "Third Party Grading", companies like NGC, PCGS, ANACS are third party graders as they are not the seller or buyer.   As to your questions on your coin, on my monitor the photos are out of focus so I cannot see what you ae seeing or comment on it.

Just to expand on what Woods said, if you are successful in getting a coin attributed as a new variety you will receive a letter from the person or group that has assigned it a new variety number.   If you send that letter along with the coin to ANACS they will slab the coin with the new CONECA or Wexler variety number and note on the slab label that this is the discovery coin.   However, it is up to each TPG to decide what varieties they will recognize and note on their slabs, as such most minor varieties are either not noted or at best only noted as "minor" on the label.

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