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Just reported to eBay

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I only pointed out the most obvious (and easiest to check) discrepancy I found on his coin. I did not want to give too much info, just in case his story was bogus.

His response to my message that his coin looked fake:


Please elaborate. The coin is part of an extensive collection that came from an avid and knowledgeable coin collector. All of his coins have been legitimate to date.
My response:
Beginning with the Flying Eagle cents of 1856, the mint started putting the letters around the rim of the obverse (United States of America) on the master die, rather on individual dies. This means that every coin minted a particular year looks the same, as far as placement of the lettering. Comparing your coin to a good picture of a cent from 1877 will show you how much the lettering is off on your coin. It could not possibly have come from the US mint.
His response:



Thank you for the input, I am looking into that right now. The coin was included in the personal collection of an avid and knowledgeable collector who's passion was US 1 Cent coins. The man literally had well over 1000 pennies. I have taken many of the coins to local dealers and have had no negative information as far as authenticity at all. When I researched the coins in his complete Flying eagle and Indian head book, I realized that this is a key date and would sell for more individually.

Now that I have some information I will definitely take a look and if it is not what it is supposed to be, I will end the auction. Thank you again for the details.




The listing has been removed.

Thanks for the heads-up, Powermad. 

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Thank you so much for your input and query to the seller Just Bob!

It just punched me in the face when I first looked at it. It is possible then the seller had no clue what he was selling. I just could not stop myself from reporting especially when I saw someone had a $900 bid on it.

I am actually glad the seller did respond at least in what seems to be in good faith. Yes, I received an email that the listing was down.

Thanks again for what you did Just Bob! (thumbsu

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