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1992,1993 steel lincoln cents?

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I'd say Jonathan nailed this one.  The other possibility is that they were plated in a science class and someone spent them afterward and they stayed in circulation for a while.  It's fairly common in high school and college chemistry classes to zinc plate Lincoln Cents as part of their lessons.  I did this in my chemistry class in my junior year of high school, and a lot of those coins ended up back in circulation after the novelty of a "silver" colored cent wore off.

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On 8/30/2021 at 7:28 PM, VKurtB said:

No, just a souvenir counterstamp for the recovery of Apollo 13.

Welcome. Science experiment for the first one. The Apollo penny is cool and worthy of keeping. There’s a whole section of the hobby that collects Apollo coins 2019 the mint put out domed coins.   You have the beginning of a collection 🤓🙀

here’s the curved one 




here’s one that’s sterling silver necklace. Apollo theme 



and one of my big old fav’s 



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I will have to say that I took a deep sigh of relief when I looked at the reverse of the 1992 in the op's pics just to make sure it wasn't a CAM......... PHEW!!!! That would have been a tragedy!!!!!:facepalm:

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