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Why did this happen, and will NGC fix it?
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Last week, I received a box of freshly graded coins back from NGC.  I took the box from the postal worker, opened it and reviewed the coins as soon as they arrived.  There was of course, the normal mixture of joy and disappointment due to the assigned grades, colors, variety attribution (or lack thereof), and even the dreaded "DETAILS" designation.  This batch however came with a new rotation problem I had never seen before.  Of the 31 coins graded in this batch, only the two pictured below were so substantially rotated in their holders. They both look fine in the photos on the Verify NGC Certification Page, so I'm pretty sure they were fine when they left NGC..  The direct verification links are 2861766-017 and 2861766-018 for comparison to the photo below.  It seems like the inserts should hold the coins tightly enough in their holders so they don't rotate.

Is this sort of problem covered under the NGC guarantee?  Will NGC fix them for no additional charge?


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  Don't ship them back!   They rotated during shipping.  I just bought a flying eagle cent in a PCGS holder that was rotated.  I held it firmly in one hand and hit the wrist of that hand against my arm several times.  The vibration spun it around in the slab to being properly oriented.   As long as it's not bouncing around it will stay that way.    

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