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Strange toning color on Lincoln cent
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I was rummaging around in my desk inside my woodshop I came across this 1982 Lincoln cent I found it about 13-15 years ago when my wife and I went to a friends house their little kids were playing with a jar of old pennies I happened to check between couch cushions this one stuck out in handful I asked to keep it they said they didn’t care … One of most awkward yellowish toning I’ve ever seen on Lincoln’s hair to this day the yellow/gold color has not changed however the rest of the coin is turning purplish it was sandwiched up against foam inside the couch wonder if that turned it yellow somehow it does look like it was rubbed hard in that area … I didn’t notice it until today when I found it in my desk it also has a small minor die break in “ONE” On the the reverse of the coin … anyone else ever seen bright yellow toning on copper ? 




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@Jason Abshier I have, at times, come across some noticeably brighter Licoln Cents but, rather examine them closely for irregularities, pass on retaining any. I would be remiss in my duty as a responsible collector if I were reluctant to defer to a  seasoned veteran like our @Coinbuf who has invested a considerable amount of time and expense to corraling the fines dedicated Lincoln Cents in existence for his clearly world-class collection.

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From the photo it looks like that area was scrapped and the outer layer of metal/tone was removed leaving the brassy mint color that did not have time to tone in the couch.   As you removed it from that environment and placed it into your desk my thought is that it has not reacted to anything yet and is thus untoned in that scuffed area.  And yes that does appear to be a die crack on the reverse.   While this appears to be a copper large date; undamaged zinc Lincolns do at times have some very bright yellow and orange toning patterns to them.

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