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What is NCS Conservation Services?
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On 8/18/2021 at 10:46 AM, MattGinAZ said:

Another newb question. Seen NCS Conservation Services on the submission form but have no idea what this is.



It is their department that cleans coins conserves coins to prevent their further deterioration. Costs extra, but I'm told they are pretty good at what they do.

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NCS is a conservation service that NGC offers if you have a coin that is covered in thick crusty gunk, PVC, stains, or some other substance on the coin.   They will review the coin(s) you send and if they feel that conservation will be successful they will do what is needed to remove whatever stuff is on the coin.  If they do not think the coin can be successfully saved or conserved it will be retuned in the condition you sent.

Reholder is a service that is normally used if you have a coin already in an NGC holder that may have gotten chipped or cracked.  They will remove the coin form the old holder and place it into a new one.  Some people that have really bad OCD and want their slabs to all be uniform and will use this service level so everything matches.   One caution, some older holders are valued by some collectors so do your research before you send anything in for this, depending on the holder generation you may be losing value when the old holder is gone.

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