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Registry points for multiple coins
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I'm new here and building my Registry.

Why is it that when I enter multiple coins of the same type, year and MS level, I don't gain registry points ???

I want the slabs registered to identify me as owner ... but, what's the sense of having multiple slabs if you don't get registry credit for them ???

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Welcome to the forum and the registry.  I am assuming that you are referring to the set score, once you have filled a slot in a registry set you can only increase the points score if you add another coin that is higher in grade.  adding the same coin over and over does not increase your registry set score.  Those duplicate coins will be added to your inventory but you will need to add new coins to fill the other date/mm slots in the set to increase your set score.  If you are referring to your collector score that is calculated from the registry points, so again to raise that score you have to raise your registry set scores. 

Many collectors have multiple examples of one or more coin type/date/mm, but that is not done for registry points but rather because that collector may have liked some attribute of each of the duplicates.  An example of this could be that a collector found a particular date/mm coin that while not graded higher by the TPG he may find the coin more pleasing because of something like the color or luster, another reason might be that he is collecting die states of a certain date/mm at a particular grade.   There are lots of other possible reasons why a collector may have duplicates in his collection, but none of that has anything to do with registry points.

There is no reason to own more than one example of a single date/mm coin for registry purposes.  The objective of registry sets is to obtain all the coins (all the dates and mintmarks) that are defined in the registry set, not multiple examples of one date/mm and grade level.

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On 8/11/2021 at 5:45 PM, Coinbuf said:

There is no reason to own more than one example of a single date/mm coin for registry purposes. 

True. True. Much of what I have chosen to retain has to do with trials and tribulations: the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat experienced in the course of acquiring upgrades. One can only imagine the pressures Mr. Partrick was subjected to in attempting to assemble "perfection," -- or striving to achieve it. This is something you yourself have experienced as a Set Registrant. (thumbsu

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My first thought when I started collecting was ... Buy one to keep ... Buy duplicates to sell (when the market agrees) ...

So ... I have multiple 1986, 1987,1988 and anniversary 15,20,25 ASEs ...

But I still want to register them for an insurance record ...

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