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Questions about 1947 D nickel- Please see photos

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Let me first tell you that I'm not familiar with the correct terminology and I apologize in advance!  Be gentle 9_9

I've tried to lookup the 1947 D Jefferson Nickel to see if I could find one like mine but I have yet to do so.  To me, it looks like there might be the number 1 on the reverse, something that looks like an "S" below the "M" in Monticello, errors in the lettering and near the bottom right, near the rim, on the obverse, it looks like "137".  

  Can anyone take a peek and give me their opinion on what they see?  Are these errors or are my eyes deceiving me?  

  I know the coin is in poor condition but I'm more curious than anything.  


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Welcome to the forum. Your nickel has just sustained damage. Once they leave the mint they sometimes live a rough life, and people will sometimes do crazy things to coins. A very basic concept to know is that anything that happens to a coin after it leaves the mint is damage (you will see the acronym PMD which stands for post mint damage). Nothing you are seeing did or could have happened at the mint therefore it is damage. What exactly happened we may never know but we know it isn’t an error or variety. 

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Welcome to the forum. Your question was valid, but many requests for information are from people that have not yet gained knowledge in collecting. No problem. I have only been in it a few years, but have learned a great deal in that short time mostly thanks to the folks in this group. Keep on postin!
here is what a pristine 1947 looks like. I have one. Only an ms65, but nice.



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