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Looking for recommendations on Lincoln cent albums
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Can anyone recommend the best albums for Lincoln cents

looking for 1909-2023 and have looked at Dansco, intercept shield, Whitman’s classic etc. none of them go past 2016.

I like the intercept line with the slipcases, all of them al somewhat similarly priced around $50 for a pair.

I have all cents now but three, most likely getting two of those 3 for a complete 1909-2021 set. The set missing the Holy Grail coin 1909s vdb, would fetch at least $500, if I provide nice albums and pop for the big one they are selling for $2,500 or more.

what y’all think leave it without the s vdb or go for the whole enchilada? Recommendations on both the albums and the pursuit greatly appreciated.

there are two nice albums on Amazon that go up to 2023 but no slip box.



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I would go for the best I could afford. Eye appeal first impressions I just notice things like how much does this person care for things they have. I am also a pensioner so budget and all that.  But in this case I might stretch the old budget a little   09vdb is I am learning not all that rare so depending on price maybe 

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I have both the Dansco and the Intercept Shield, I think the Dansco is a slightly nicer quality item but the IS album provides better protection.   If you live in an area that is damp humid then the IS likely will provide better long term storage for BU coins.   If the coins are lower grade circulated like say VF or F then either of the two will be fine.

On the 09 SVDB, just an outside the box suggestion.   If the rest of the set is mint state you may be able to find a nice inexpensive counterfeit to fill the spot and not have to stretch the budget.  That way the coins will look uniform but you will not be spending the 2K for a mint state example   As long as you know and document that it is a counterfeit so that any heirs know what to expect then it could be a low cost alternative.   09 SVDB's are not at all rare and are very overpriced imo, I was lucky to buy my MS64RB coin many years ago before the prices ballooned to todays prices.

If the set is mostly or all circulated coins then finding a nice VF or F will be much easier on the budget to start with and are usually not hard to find.

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