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**What is "Autobuild" and how does it work?
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Autobuild Set makes it easier than ever to build the best set, improve your ranking and compete for NGC Registry awards. If you're new to the NGC Registry, it's the fastest way to get the coins you've added into a set. If you already have an NGC Registry set, Autobuild Set helps to make sure it’s receiving as many points as possible.

How it works:

  1. Log in to your account on NGCcoin.com
  2. Create a set, or go to an existing set, and click the green image.png button.


  • Each slot is filled with your highest-scoring available coin for that slot.
  • Lower-scoring coins are removed from each slot, if applicable. These coins will remain in your inventory. 
  • Coins can only compete once per set category. If a coin is already saved in a different set of the same set category, Autobuild Set will ignore it.
  • PCGS-certified coins must be approved by an admin before Autobuild Set can add them to a set.
  • Autobuild Set cannot fill coins that appear only in Collection Manager. If the coin is not in your coin list, Autobuild Set can’t add it to a set.
  • Certain set categories have multiple slots that can accept the same coin. In this case, Autobuild Set will add the coin to the first slot where it will receive the highest score, but only if adding the coin will increase the total set score.
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