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1888/7 Indian Head Penny Questions

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I have a 1888/7 Indian Head Penny

A microscope is necessary to identify detail on this key date variety.

Is this correct that a microscope is necessary to see the 8 over the 7 or am I wrong?

Does anyone else agree?

I’ve also noticed they are different versions of the 1888/7, any idea on what version this is, I know very little about Indian head pennys but I saw 2 key marking details with my research on coin sites and did see several different types of 1888/7 indian head pennys.


Thanks in advance for the help guys!




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It definitely does not look like Snow-1/FS-301. On that one, the bottom of the "7" is visible below the "8." (picture below)

Clear pictures of Snow-2, 1888/887 are harder to find online . In fact, I couldn't find any pictures that were clear enough to re-post, but Heritage, Great Collections, and David Lawrence all have pictures of coins they have sold. Your coin does not appear to match that variety, either.

Snow-3 with the left edge of the "1" between the denticles, has been reported, but is controversial, and is not listed on the Fly-in Club site.

Here is the description of Snow-2 from Rick Snow's book:


" Repunching can easily be seen inside the upper loops of the 8's. The top right point of the 7 is very bold inside the upper loop of the last 8. A small die line extends out from the first pearl. The discovery specimen showed a reverse die crack extending vertically from the rim at 7:00."

Link to Heritage

Link to DLRC




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6131015D-9F05-471D-9E9E-45F0DF4ED803.thumb.jpeg.6a7906da750de16b22e721ae841d05fc.jpegObverse/Reverse of the penny, and a close up again of the 8.


Any thoughts after seeing the close up of the 8 now. Notice theres a chip in the 8 at the bottom on the left.






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You are getting lead on a wild goose chase by a newbie who is let’s just say erratic in his thoughts. JustBob I would listen to clearly. Based on all of your pictures you have a badly worn and environmentally damaged Indian penny worth its weight in copper. Someone might give you a dollar perhaps for the date to fill a slot. I see no hidden variety and it’s sure not the sought after overdate. 

I don’t mean to be harsh but I am afraid you are getting your time wasted unbeknownst to you and I don’t want to see anyone new go through that. Lots of great advice on this forum but not all. 

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This is exactly the bad side of numismatics that turns so many people away. Please don’t post this for sale as an error coin and make any wild claims. Someone who doesn’t know better will waste their hard earned money on it only to find out later it’s junk. And then they are turned off from the hobby forever because they got burned. eBay and Etsy are chock full of these so called errors that are someone’s imagination. Don’t add to it. 

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Good job on that last set of pictures.

Your coin does not appear to be one of the overdates. It looks to be, as Woods stated, simply a worn Indian cent, worth a dollar or two. There is no "lion mark," and all of the other marks are just circulation marks. Ignore the white circles in the above pics. They are just showing circulation hits - nothing more. Some people see all sorts of things on coins, the same way people see shapes in clouds. It's a phenomenon called pareidolia, and it is has gotten quite common on coin forums recently.

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