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This most likely has no value, but I bought it from a guy for $10.
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I had just discovered a two page Chicago Tribune Ad from 1949 in a bunch of old collectible papers etc. and since I had that, I was attracted to this thing. There’s a bunch on eBay selling for less, but alas, my collector genus kicked in. It is interesting historic and I was two years old at the time.




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3 minutes ago, Mr.Bill347 said:

It reminded me that I bought another unusual coin about a month ago for $10 also. I guess I just like coins!



That was a cool buy also. I love stuff like that. I enjoy about all coins. Especially ones with a piece of history behind them. I remember that launch. I was just a young feller then. 

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19 minutes ago, Mr.Bill347 said:

We moved to our current town in 1986, the day we moved out if our old home, the Challenger disaster occurred. January 26, 1986 I think. But I may be off a day or two.

That was horrible. A terrible deal. I watched a thing on that and they said they was alive all the way until the capsule hit the water at 270 mph. 

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