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1974 DDR lincoln penny ??

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Welcome to the forum Carl!

Doubling comes in multiple fashions. Not all of them are desirable or carry a premium. It appears your cent has machine or strike doubling. This is caused by the die moving when it contacts the planchet. This does not demand a premium and isn’t classified as a variety. 

True die doubling is a variety and carries varying degrees of premium. Some large some menial. I recommend comparing any potential varieties to the following website. This site lists the known and recognized varieties. If you see something on a coin that seems to match, post it on here for confirmation. But this is a great resource to familiarize yourself with. 

http://www.varietyvista.com/01b LC Doubled Dies Vol 2/DDR listing.htm

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Welcome to the NGC Forum

As stated, a classic case of Machine Doubling which is known as a worthless Doubling.

Very nice pictures for your first post but in the future, please include a complete photo of both sides of the coin with your post.

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10 hours ago, Carl manns said:

Thank you guys very much and yes I will post the full pictures next time. I have watched many videos I'm just a beginner but I have alot of interest in this hobby and I appreciate everyone's advice and thoughts !!

This is a great place to learn. I’ve learned a ton from the fine folks on here. Look forward to helping if we can. 

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